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Moment In Time

Updated: May 6


A startling clamour burst from nowhere,

A cyclone unleashed, unbidden and bare,

I twirl and swirl, then to the ground I'm thrown


Am I still among the living?

Or merely a shadow, silently adrift?

What sounds assail my ears?

A cacophony too dense, no words to parse,

No coherent thoughts, not even fear,

Just a void where dread once fiercely danced.

Deep breaths, slow and measured, I must summon,

To quell this tempest wild,

To silence the uproar, to stop the churn,

Craving tranquillity, however brief.

This turmil won't linger,

It never dares to stay.

Though it stretches like eternity,

Soon, it will fade away.

Breathing comes easier at last,

Devastation lies in my wake,

What's broken might be fixed,

Not me, perhaps, that's a grace I'll take.

Now, the aches begin to whisper,


An unexpected guest,

Unnoticed in the chaos,

Demanding I rest, demanding I yield.

Where did this pain originate?

Was it cloaked in adrenaline's embrace?

It matters little now; I must sit,

And meet this new trial with quiet grace.


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