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Why do you need a safety plan?

A safety plan is a tool in place to reduce your risk of harm and abuse.  You do not have any control over your partner but you can minimise and reduce the risk or avoid confrontational situations.  The safety plan is about you and your current situation.

What is a safety plan for domestic abuse?

A safety plan is personal to you; it is a practical plan which includes ways to help you protect yourself and your children.  It helps you think about  how. you can increase your safety within the relationship or if you leave.


Remember to be vigilant and only share your personal information with people that you know and trust; information is power.  Be well informed from all of the available material on the internet, support services, Women's Aid and Refuge.  Ask for help.  You may feel that you are alone but these organisations are there to help you.  The more informed that you are about your situation the safer you are likely to be. 

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