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  • josephinepeacock

Whispers of Doubt: A Journey Through Gaslighting

Unveil the haunting truth of gaslighting with the powerful 'Poem Gaslighting'. Join us on a journey through doubt, fear, and the strength to break free.

In shadows cast by whispered lies,

A truth obscured; a heart denies

Reality twists, as darkness creeps,

In fractured mind, the silence weeps.

Words like daggers, softly thrown,

Erode the self, the seeds are sown.

Trust in self, a fleeting ghost,

In the maze of doubt, they're lost.

A smile conceals the hidden blades,

In gentle tones the truth degrades.

Each question sown, a thorny vine,

Entangles heart, consumes the mind.

A mirror shows a stranger's face,

In eyes, a spark, a fleeting trace.

Of whom whey were, of strength untamed.

Through nights of doubt and endless haze,

A voice emerges, cuts through the maze.

A whisper first, then louder still,

A call to fight, a test of will.

Through fog of lies, a light may gleam,

A voice within, a strength unseen.

For even in the darkest night,

Truth endures, ignites the fight.

The journey long, the battle fierce,

Through pain and fear, the soul they pierce.

Yet step by step, reclaim the light,

From shadows dark, emerge in sight.

In shadows cast by whispered lies,

The truth now stands, the heart defies.

With strength reborn, the silence breaks,

In fractured mind, dawn awakes.


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