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Healthy Vs Unhealthy Relationships

Updated: Jul 30, 2020


  • They treat me with respect

  • My partner is comfortable when I spend time with friends or family

  • They are proud of me when I achieve something

  • When I say no or disagree I am respected and listened to

  • They encourage and support me to keep trying even when I find it hard

  • They don't cheat on me and trust I will not cheat on them

  • They don't rush our relationship

  • They ask my opinion when making decisions that affect both of us

  • They give me compliments and say positive things about me to others

  • They listen when we disagree and try to see my point of view

  • They can talk about their feelings with me

  • They have friends and interests of their own


  • They make me do things I don't want to do by not listening to me

  • They make threats and try to scare me

  • They put me down when we are alone or with friends to make me feel bad

  • They do not want to get along with my friends or family

  • They hit slap or push me

  • They look through my phone, social media or web history

  • They want to know where I am all of the time

  • They cheat on me or accuse me of cheating on them

  • They steal from me or make me buy them things

  • They make me have sex when I don't want to

Some of the warning signs are: -

  • You have become a lot more critical of yourself recently, thinking that you are fat, stupid and lucky to have a partner.

  • You feel stressed and worried all of the time.

  • You have that "dreaded" feeling more often.

  • You are scared how your partner will react to a situation.

  • You avoid saying anything because you do not want to upset your partner.

  • You feel scared when your partner is angry because you cannot predict their behaviour.

  • You feel like you are walking on eggshells.

  • You become more isolated, stay in more without seeing friends and family to avoid an argument with your partner.

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